Terrific Tuesday is the name we gave to some select Tuesdays throughout the year.  Two parents are able to sign up to provide a special snack that they bring to school on an assigned Tuesday morning for the faculty and staff to enjoy!  The snacks can be simple or elaborate.  It is up to the parent who is volunteering to bring it in.  They are very well received and very much appreciated by the faculty and staff!!!


Some possible ideas are doughnuts, bagels & cream cheese, chips & salsa, veggies & dip, fruit tray, cookies, brownies, etc.  Really...it can be whatever you desire to bring in!  


The Terrific Tuesday Snacks for the remainder of the 2011 - 2012 school year are scheduled for...

     April 3rd - Vidula Kale, OPEN

     April 10th -  Jen DiBenedetto, Melissa Nelson

     April 24th -  Sue Kraus, Erin Welzer

     May 8th -  Tosha Gannaway, Cindy McMorris

     May 22nd - Kerri Bauer, ______OPEN_______________